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SAMPLE Document - can not be filled out. Go to Membership Application page to Obtain Application 

Silver Griffins at Bromley

                                                                         MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 2023-24


Annual membership dues are $20 per member.  Participation is open to all persons aged 60 years and older.                                                                                         PLEASE PRINT so we can read it!   - Signature/s required at the bottom.

Last Name/s _________________________________ First Name/s_________________­­­­­­_____________


Mailing Address:  ___________________________Town__________________­­­­­­­__State___ Zip__________

Local Address:


E-mail Address:_____________________________________________Phone:_______________________


I/We would be willing to help with Silver Griffins events/administration – if any.     Yes_____No_____­­­­­­­­


The Silver Griffins is an independent association of individuals formed as a social ski club, the purpose of which is to foster camaraderie, provide social interaction among the “60+” senior community and support local civic organizations. It carries out its functions on the premises of the Bromley Mountain Ski Resort, Peru, Vermont. The Silver Griffins is neither a part of, nor in any way affiliated with, the Bromley Mountain Ski Resort, the Bromley Outing Club or their affiliates.


This year membership in the Silver Griffins includes free preferred parking privileges, mid-week/non-holiday, discounts in the cafeteria, ski shop, and the rental/repair/service area. Social gatherings will be announced via e-news.                                                                Contact:


Name Badges for New Members (and those needing a replacement!) Print Clearly.

            1st & last Name 1: _________________________________________________


            1st & last Name 2:________________________________________________

Please wear your badge with PRIDE. It advertises our group; it lets people know that Bromley appreciates and supports the senior customers; it helps lift attendants get to know us and us to get to know each other! Be creative about pinning on your parka without damaging the nylon.   DO WEAR your pin with pride.

Please return this application with a check made out to “The Silver Griffins” for $20 per member and mail to:


The Silver Griffins   c/o Sue Bryant

POB 264

Manchester, VT 05254


By completing this application I/we recognize and assume the risk, inherent or otherwise, of skiing, snowboarding, riding chairlifts and related activities and agree not to bring a claim against the Silver Griffins, its administrators and members, or against Ski Bromley, LLC or Bromley Mountain Equity Nominee Trust, their respective employees, parent companies, affiliates, agents, and their successors in interest, for injuries, damages or loss incurred while participating in Club activities, to the extent permitted by law.


Signature of all applicant/s required:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________Date__________



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